Kermes - "Peeling Off The Rind" // "Terms"

01/01/2021 · AMP012

AA single

Pressing info
1st: slime green cassette in o-card sleeve

All We Want Is Everything

06/11/2020 · AMP011

11-track digital compilation album

featuring exclusive music from Boarder, DJFP, Gordian Stimm, Kermes, moan didion, Slash Fiction & sweetbellechobaby

Halloween Heart Factory

31/10/2020 · AMPOP#10

Zoom disco

Boarder - "Strangers"

09/10/2020 · AMP010

Digital single

Heart Factory: Extremely Online Edition

17/07/2020 · AMPOP#9

Zoom disco

featuring Babywoman Guest DJs

Kermes - "2018 Sessions"

01/05/2020 · AMP008

3-track digital EP

sweetbellechobaby - "though we are many we are one body because we all share in one bread"

06/05/2020 · AMP007

7-track album

Pressing info:
1st: /50 orange CD in lancing pack

Gordian Stimm Album Livestream Party


Twitch livestream

featuring ACAB Brik

Gordian Stimm - "Your Body In On Itself"

03/04/2020 · AMP006

6-track album

Pressing info:
1st: /50 black cassettes in maltese cross sleeve

Despicable Zee, sweetbellechobaby & Harpoon

08/12/2019 · AMPOP#8

The Gallery, Leicester

Eilis Frawley & moan didion

02/11/2019 · AMPOP#7

The Gallery, Leicester

sweetbellechobaby - "Love's Bullet" b/w "clipped"

20/11/2019 · AMP004

2-track single

Pressing info
1st: /20 clear cassette w/ gold inlay in maltese cross sleeve

Slash Fiction - "For Matt" b/w "For Matt (Gordian Stimm Mix)"

01/11/2019 · AMP003

2-track single

Pressing info:
1st: /30 blue-pink sandwich cassette in o-card sleeve
2nd: /30 purple cassette in o-card sleeve

Kapil Seshasayee & Ana Paz

16/10/2019 · AMPOP#6

Two Queens, Leicester

ft. commissioned lightwork by Joe Harrison-Moran

Jordaan Mason & Kelechi Stevenson Ilo

11/10/2019 · AMPOP#5

Secular Hall, Leicester

Cultdreams, sweetbellechobaby & Charles Wheeler

20/09/2019 · AMPOP#4

Two Queens, Leicester

ft. commissioned video backdrop by Courtney Askey

Ana Paz, moan didion & Maja QTTF

08/09/2019 · AMPOP#3

Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester

moan didion - "no hooks"

16/08/2019 · AMP002

5-track EP

Pressing info:
1st: /20 purple cassette in plastic case

Sugar Rush!, Adults, Boarder & Small Man Society

22/07/2019 · AMPOP#2

Soundhouse, Leicester

Heart Factory Queer Disco!

14/06/2019 · AMPOP#1

Firebug, Leicester

Boarder - "Bad Roots" / "End of the Day"

01/06/2019 · AMP001

AA single

Pressing info:
1st: /50 red glitter cassette in plastic case