sweetbellechobaby - Love's Bullet AMP004



Presenting AMP004, our first release from Leicester's slo-pop pioneers sweetbellechobaby. 'Love's Bullet' speaks on navigating trust and power within relationships and the wounds that queer bodies are forced to carry around in a straight world. It's a powerful piece of work that nods to where the band have come from but makes explicit where they are going, with synthetic, distorted and warped textures breaking through the organic shapes of the song. On the B-side is the music-concrète time capsule "clipped", collecting recordings of the band from throughout 2019 to mark this progression and bring the listener into their process. In just under 12 minutes, SBEB recall everything from Godspeed to Low to Fleetwood Mac and make it look like the easiest thing in the world.

Available on limited-edition (/20) clear cassette with gold-metallic inlay and full-body print, packaged in a full-colour double-sided Maltese cross.

Written, produced and mixed by sweetbellechobaby
Cover art by Alex Goodwin
Additional design by e.r.t.


  1. Love's Bullet
  2. clipped
Pressing Information

1st: /20 clear cassette with gold metallic inlay and full-body printing in maltese cross sleeve