moan didion - no hooks AMP002



AMP002 is the first-ever physical release of "no hooks", the first solo EP from moan didion.

you might know them better as Emily from Kermes, and you've probably never heard the words "moan didion" before, because Emily did absolutely no promotion or shows when she quietly released this record last summer on bandcamp. oh well! it's the first anniversary of the release, so we're doing it now!

original release text:
""no hooks" is an ep of five songs by me, & a mitski cover; the title is sort of a joke now because the songs mostly ended up being fairly hooky when at first they seemed like loose rambles to me. most of the titles are jokes, now that i think about it. anyway i used a lot of autotune because it's still 2010, actually, and autotune is still cool, actually"


  1. friendships i have ruined (2014-18)
  2. it's healthy!
  3. built to spill
  4. i will (mitski cover)
  5. demi-everything
  6. stuck back together