Slash Fiction - For Matt AMP003



Amateur Pop Incorporated is proud to present "For Matt" the new single from Slash Fiction on limited edition pink/blue sandwich cassette, backed with a remix of the song by Gordian Stimm.

Slash Fiction is the beating heart at the centre of Sheffield’s one-band emo queercore scene. A raucous five-piece made up of Beans (they/her/him, vox/bass), Dan (he/him, guitar/vox), Jamie (he/him, drums), Jess (they/them, buttons/vox) and Sean (he/him, guitar/noises), Slash Fic’s trademark Sad Bangers run the gamut of emotions from sadness to anger to angry sadness.

The band formed in early 2018 and dropped their first EP "Flowers" the same year, showcasing a set of noisy songs that cover gender dysphoria, abusers in the music industry and the joys of day-drinking in parks, honed through gigs around South Yorkshire’s DIY scene. Their latest release, "For Matt", is a heartfelt ode to loss, grief and recovery that also happens to absolutely slap.



  1. For Matt
  2. For Matt (Gordian Stimm Mix)
Pressing Information

1st: /30 pink/blue sandwich cassette in o-card sleeve
2nd: /30 blackberry purple cassette in o-card sleeve