moan didion

(Photo: Kulvir Bhambra)


moan didion is a project from emily rose teece of Kermes. Her debut EP "no hooks", originally self-released in 2018 and reissued as AMP002 a year later, sees her stepping away from the aggressive distortion and full-speed rhythms of her main project to incorporate acoustic guitars, analogue synthesisers and auto-tune. "no hooks" was conceived and largely recorded in a single day, with Teece quickly stitching together song fragments on her laptop in an effort to break out of her usual obsessive approach to tracking and mixing. Compared to Kermes, moan didion is a funnier, looser and more fragmented thing, even as both projects tackle similar themes of gender dysphoria and relationship breakdown. The result is a patchwork of thoughts, jokes and ideas, close mic'd and quickly captured, creation and editing collapsed into the same unfiltered moment.