Gordian Stimm - Your Body In On Itself AMP006



Bursting through sheets of noise and organic and artificial sound that recall Baths at their most twisted, Gordian Stimm (Maeve of itoldyouiwouldeatyou) navigates their relationship to their own body, autism and social structures with disarming honesty and destabilising surrealism. Every moment of this record seems to come out of nowhere while being perfectly in its right place. Did YOU think that the best song you'd hear this year would compare Jordan Peterson to a parasite who refuses to buy washing-up liquid? We certainly didn't, and yet here we are, trying to put into words something that can only be described as totally unconstrained dance music, turned in on itself (natch), deconstructed and reassembled in a hilarious, terrifying and brilliant new form.

Available on black cassette in full-colour double-sided "Maltese cross" case, complete with digital download.


  1. Bleeding Out In A Septic Tank
  2. Pia Mater (Sorry Mate)
  3. Miscellaneous Body Parts
  4. The Very Best Of Friends
  5. Song For Self Help
  6. Synthetic Retinas
Pressing Information

1st: /50 black cassette with on-body print in maltese cross sleeve