(Photo: Shyla Rose)


Boarder are a 'desert surf' trio, combining themes of alienation and environmental collapse with joyfully fuzzed-out riffing. The result? Sparse, elemental garage-rock ragers; a classic sound with modern concerns and exposed nerves. Their debut track "Black Hole" (2018) was followed in June 2019 by the AA single "Bad Roots / End of the Day" - also serving as the first release from Amateur Pop Incorporated. The band then dropped a series of increasingly powerful singles throughout 2020, starting with the BBC Introducing-acclaimed "Chew Me Up" in February, followed up with the self-produced existential angst of "Strangers" in October (AMP010). They rounded the year out with two incredible new cuts on the AmPop label compilation "All We Want Is Everything" (AMP011) in November - a brand-new recording of "Black Hole", and the blistering "Nowhere to Hide".